Nation on Verge of Needing an Overhaul?

Generally you will not find this space occupied by political commentary. For me, the more important world exists outside the realm and reach of politicians. Family, faith and the opportunity to live in a peaceful, loving world are things I hold dearly.

Recently, however, I’m finding it more and more difficult to focus as the national political arena continues to either implode – or explode (you pick) – around us. To me, the government should operate much like the gas gauge on the dashboard of my car – needing attention only occasionally. Well, as of late, the warning light is incessantly lighting up and the noises from the engine compartment are getting on my nerves.

Like probably anyone else reading this column, my days are pretty much spoken for: going to work, taking care of my family and looking for opportunities to help others. And much like my car, I don’t really have time or need the gas gauge demanding attention every half-mile I drive down the road.

But as of late, I can’t help but notice the darn warning light keeps blinking and there is an awful racket coming from the engine compartment.

Today’s national political landscape is simply ugly and noisy. If it wants my attention, well, here we go.

I’m a simple man and harbor no illusions to fully understanding the intimate and complex nature of operating a national government. That said, how about we take a radical approach to rebuilding our government? If as broken as politicians would lead us to believe, I’d say an engine rebuild is in order.

Let’s begin by not disagreeing. Really. I honestly believe there is a long list of objectives we can all agree upon. Why not start there? Why not simply sit down – in a room with the cell phones all tossed in a pile in the center of the table – and hammer out what needs to be done. No lobbyist. No laptops. No advisors. No party affiliations.

What we need is for each and every participant to make decisions based on what is best for the all of us. And for this to work, we need each to have the courage and conviction to understand there are over 311 million people counting on them to do the right thing.

As for the candidates running for the office of President of the United States, I would imagine if we sat down at a local coffee shop, we’d probably find enough common ground to hold a thoughtful and meaningful discussion. Neither of you rose to the levels you currently sit without being talented and intelligent. Let’s put these assets to work for the greater good.

Think you can hammer our a few points of agreement on health care? How about defense? And what about taxes? Look, with the economy as it is, everyone is paying attention like never before. Let’s not waste this opportunity.

I have great faith in this country and the people behind who make up this nation. But today, with the irritation and distraction of the blinking light on my dashboard of life,  I’m considering a complete overhaul is in order.

– 30 –


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