Life, love and other four-letter words

Four-letter words suffer from a reputation problem.

Recently I found myself reflecting on how much my perspective on life continues to evolve over time – now in a place I could never imagine during my youth. Today, as I am approaching the equivalent of 50,000 miles on the odometer, I see the world through a set of lenses noticing the best things in life are not for sale. And at the root of it all are a handful of powerful four-letter words.

Love, if you ask me, is easily the most valuable and powerful force in life. Love is simply the scientific equivalent of water in our biological makeup. Without it, everything ceases to exist. Love seems to seep into our lives at the most unexpected times, many times challenging not only our beliefs and emotions, but also our ability to apply mature logic to our decisions.

My wife and I like to joke about how we both ran into each other at the very moment we weren’t looking for love.

Both of us were in in college and enjoying the freedom you only experience of youth when the world begins to reveal itself before your imagination. Everyday was a new experience, new emotion, and a new horizon. And for both us, a casual date at a downtown deli was just another experience along the way.

Then we kissed.

To this day we can both tell you about what we felt at that moment. As she tells it, she said to herself “No, not now. This isn’t supposed to happen yet.”

Little did she know at the time the very same electricity raced though me on the other side of her lips.

I can promise you, neither of us was ready for the life-changing moment. But then, that is what love can do. In an instant, love can alter your most closely held wants, desires and intentions. And surprisingly, you are rendered helpless.

From there, love led us to build another four-letter word, life.

Slowly, over time, we began to learn to understand building a life together. And like most, we ran the gamut of emotions and found ourselves challenged by some very trying times. But fortunately, life was born out of love. And like water to a plant, love kept us together, growing and changing along the way.

Life then led us to another life-changing word: home. As we marched forward with time, children came into our lives and together we built home – not one with lumber and paint, but a feeling of comfort and being together. For us, home is not defined by a street address, state or even or whatever town we live in. Rather, home is a place where you discover love and life working together to create a unique feeling of comfort you only experience when surrounded by those you love.

If we think about it, four-letter words sprinkle all of our lives for the better. We learn to be kind, understand how to live, and the value of protecting and nurturing hope. But in the end, one single four-letter world is the basis spark for everything good in our lives: love.

So go ahead, fill your day and life with four-letter words and watch the magic happen.

–       30 –


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