Enlisting Santa Could Pay Benefits

Dear Santa:

First of all, let me say I’ve everything I could ever need in life – don’t worry about me. God provided me with a loving family, good health, wonderful friends and a roof over my head each night. The older I get, the more I realize anything beyond these items are essentially window dressing. If I could, however, I’ve a few items I’d like to discuss for others.

First, I’m living in the richest nation in the history of mankind and we’ve still people lacking the basic needs for daily life. I know you and your elves tend to specialize in children’s items, but is it possible to dedicate a crew to focus on helping create a few products for those who are sleeping on the cold streets at night? A few well-placed sleeping bags would make a tremendous difference to the millions of homeless who are currently living without a warm place to sleep at night. Colors and patterns are not important – feel free to use any remnant fabrics. If you could toss in a few blankets and socks, they would be greatly appreciated as well.

Secondly, I’m troubled by the conflicts I see in many parts of the world today. I’ve traveled enough to recognize there is a universal theme to humanity: after food, water and a roof over our heads, we all want the best for our children. We as adults can, at times, forget children are gifts from God (no matter where you live or foundation of your beliefs) and we should put their needs first. It pains me to see children running through streets with bullets flying over their heads or kicking a soccer ball around craters in the street. I understand you’ve barrels of magic dust – think you use them to remind a few well-placed individuals to adjust their perspective on life? I would imagine if a few key people would think through the true implications of what pain their actions could lead to, it just might give them pause. Anything you can do here would be greatly appreciated.

Third, you and your team are great at spreading joy across the planet each Christmas. How about we figure out how to use your amazing distribution network to touch as many people in need as possible throughout the year? You’ve really got this thing down and we could really use your expertise. Maybe we could do a work exchange with a few key members of your logistics department? Imagine a system were a small child in Africa wakes up to a warm, nutritious meal or maybe medical supplies are transported from one nation to another without regard to political relations? Imagine what a meaningful difference we could make with your help!

Please understand I’m a big fan and can’t thank you for all you do. You and your crew are simply amazing. What I’m saying is the world just might need to call on you for a bit of assistance now and then. We’re all working a bit more these days (this ‘new economy’…) and your help would be greatly appreciated.

And by the way, I’ve switched your glass to 2% milk like you requested. Travel safely!


– 30 –

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