A New Year’s Plan — More or Less

Most well-adjusted, rational people don’t believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, or Bigfoot. But many of those very same people still believe the striking of midnight on one particular night of the year somehow resets a cosmic button – thus expunging them of all behavioral shortcomings from the prior year.

‘I’ve been saved. Wipe that slate clean!” we say to ourselves silently as glasses clink around us. “Next year will be different.”

Honestly, how is that working out for us?

So this year, I’ve a new plan – one define by ‘more or less’.

I’d like to spend more time with those I love and get to know some new people who may just one day move into this valuable category. I am blessed to know so many people who make my life wonderful – many I met in only the past several years. Why stop now?

On the other hand, I plan to spend less time with those who really don’t care to make an effort to be happy. Not that I won’t reach out and help anyone in need, but somewhere along the line, everyone needs to take responsibility for his or her personal happiness and future. The world is full of good people who want to help – but you’ve got to make an effort.

Everyone knows someone – friend or family – they’d like to spend more time with. For me, I’ve a few I keep on a short mental list. We all do. Maybe an old childhood friend or someone from college you once knew. How hard can it be to get together for dinner or coffee? Even a phone call is a big first step towards ‘more’.

I’d like to finish this year with less ‘stuff’. All I need to do is peek behind a chair to see dozens of books I’ve read and stacked away. What is the point, really? Why not give my favorites to friends or maybe donate to an organization that provides books to those in need? Surely I won’t miss them. I can’t imagine my life being any different – and it doesn’t take too much effort to imagine how they could make some else’s a little better. If I apply this same commitment to living with less to the rest of my ‘stuff’, there is no telling what might happen. I simply plan to give away ‘more’ and finish the year with much ‘less’.

I would like to learn more about subjects I know nothing or very little about as I write this. The world is full of interesting and beautiful subjects. I might even learn to play another instrument just for grins.

I’m going to worry a lot less. Granted, my wife thinks I’m a great worrier, but in the end it is probably not all that productive. I just might be ready to loosen up a bit and enjoy the ride.

So there you go, that’s my grand, simple plan — more or less.

Best wishes to everyone for a blessed 2013.

– 30 –


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