Letting Go Brings Back Memories


Suddenly, my wife and I can no longer say we’ve two kids.

With our youngest crossing the threshold of eighteen, technically we are now parents to two other adults. Learning to say this for us will take a bit of an adjustment period.

This is a new world – one where the rules of our parenting playbook are changing. We’ve never been the ‘my way or the highway’ or ‘because I said so’ parents – or fortunately needed to be. Like most of us, our son and daughter seemed to have a pretty good head on their shoulders even in the face of peer pressure and hormones.

But today we are in a world where our daughter, now a newly minted eighteen-year old, will be testing the limits of her newfound legal status. No matter what you think – or remember – crossing the threshold and becoming an adult under the law changes things between the ears for the recipient. Admit it, you too were once there also.

My wife and I love and respect our children deeply. We wish for them to become happy and fulfilled in life. We also realize our role is now being increasingly relegated to the sidelines as they make their own decisions in life. And it is just this combination of love and respect that will allow us to let them go – no matter how painful it may be to for us. Letting your children make decisions without the benefit of our lifelong experiences to guide them can be scary. But as a parent, we also understand we’ve got to let go for their sake.

Although it seems like yesterday, I remember my daughter uttering the most beautiful words a dad could ever hear when she was five.

Standing over the first tee of a miniature putt-putt course, a colored golf ball at her feet, our daughter wrestled to hold the full-size putter in her hands.

“Daddy, can you help me?”

I melted right there.

To this day will occasionally close my eyes and remember the moment – her wispy blonde hair, her radiant blue eyes, and the softness of her voice. The green carpet beneath her feet seemed so vibrant, the sky an electric blue. Yes, this how I remember the moment. Magic can do this to our memories.

Bending down to her, I helped place her hands on the shaft of putter and showed her where to put her feet. And after helping her carefully line up the face of the club, she slapped the ball towards the hole on the other end of the carpet.

The rest of the night became a blur – her slapping at the ball and running down to the other end hoping to outrace it to the other end, laughing all the way.

For my entire life I’ve carried those words and moment close to my heart, occasionally looking back for a taste of that night.

Now she is an adult. What I hope is she’ll always know I’ll be there when she needs me – even if it is just to help her line up a putter.


– 30 –


3 thoughts on “Letting Go Brings Back Memories

  1. Sweet Article Leonard. You have great kids. We all hope with you that they make it through the next few years unscathed. I just wanted to share with you that for the cousins my age, we always looked forward to playing miniture golf at the Morton County reunions in Dodge City. We met at the Hoover Pavilion in Wright Park. We had a blast. Years later at one of our Garden City reunions about 30 of us played Miniture Golf at night under the flood lights. I have great pictures of that reunion. Beyond those memories, I’ve always enjoyed miniture golf as strokes are limited to 6 per hole!

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