Finding the Sun on a Cloudy Day


I think we all go thorough cloudy days – or periods – in our lives. Windows of time where we feel out of kilter – the rain is a bit colder, the darkness bit more foreboding – leaving us feeling a bit more isolated and alone.

God didn’t plan for our lives to be a cakewalk. To think otherwise would be delusional on our part.

I hurt when I see others who are lost. Lost from a pathway to anywhere. Lost from connecting with others. Lost and without compass to help them find their way back.

Like most of us, if we are honest, we’ll admit we’ve suffered through periods in which we didn’t think the sun would ever break through the clouds around us – letting us once again feel the warmth on our shoulders and clearing our minds.

I guess I think of this as the parent of a pair of young adults – each on the cusp of life ready to unfold before them. This year, as our youngest turned the magical age of eighteen, both my wife and I knew we’d be increasingly standing on the shoreline, relegated to a spectator role, as she and her older brother navigate life and the challenges ahead.

If life has taught my wife anything it is that life is a balance. Good comes with bad. Highs are counterbalanced with lows. There will moments (or periods of time) in which you we couldn’t imagine anything better only to one day find the rude awaking of the other end of the pendulum. This formula, no matter how careful you attempt to control or manage your risk, is simply a non-negotiable force of life we must learn to accept.

The reach of this universal rule applies from relationships, careers, personal finance or even your self-confidence.

Once in a while my wife and look at each other and laugh at whatever point of this arch of life we are in at a particular point in time. Together for over three decades, we know there is a powerful ebb and flow we really don’t control. Yes, we can control the severity or frequency of certain events, but for the most part we understand life is eventful for a reason.

But knowing the clouds will pass is an important key to getting through life.

We will not – nor will our children, friends or other loved ones – get through life without cuts and bruises. But we can, by recognizing these moments are temporary and just a necessary part of life, minimize the long-term effects they play on us.

My mother, just when everything was hitting the proverbial fan, would always take a deep breath and say “and this too will pass.” Sometimes she’d say it with a laugh — other times with a heavy heart — but she understood the universal balance. 

But no matter what was going on, she could reach down and find perspective and comfort in knowing everything in life his temporary and, if you keep your head, the moment will pass.

So when I find myself in a particular cycle of clouds – or a period of time where I just can’t seem to see my way through a situation – I simply think back to the words of my mother and how she’d help shoo away the clouds in life and focus on the sunny days just around the corner. 


– 30 – 


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