Beltway Gang Needs A History Lesson


 I tend not to use this space for political commentary. Political opinions are like cheap ballpoint pens – everyone has one (or a dozen). I am not into casting dispersions and I make every effort to listen and respect the opinions of others in hope of learning something I might not have previously recognized.

But today, as this is the Fourth of July, I just wanted to get something off my chest (or keyboard).

I am extremely disappointed in the current state of politics as practiced inside the Beltway of DC. Okay, make that disappointed to the point where I’m ready to tag it as broken and in dire need a swift kick in and attention-getting area.

Earlier this week, while reading up on US Constitutional history (yes, I know that sounds boring), I ran across paragraph explaining our founding fathers framed and wrote the constitution in approximately 100 days. 

Think about this for a moment: our founding fathers came together and figured out how to work together for the greater good and produced a brand-new document from which a new nation was born in 100 days (source: These were not lifetime politicians but rather farmers, mercantilists, teachers and such. Sure there many were schooled in the field of law, but for the most part, this was a gathering of a broad swath of the population coming forward to shape the new government.

Fast forward to the world inside the Beltway today: stacked with brilliant individuals educated in some of our finest educational institutions – a majority in the field of law – and doing daily battle with professional interest groups pulling them each and every way.

Add to this the tentacles of party machinery and I’m not sure anyone has a chance to successfully govern from either the Executive or Legislative branches without undue outside influence. Color yourself red, blue, green – whatever color of the rainbow you like – but I am increasingly skeptical if the current state of life inside the Beltway is functional, let alone relatable, to the average man or woman in our nation.

So here I am – frustrated and saddened by what I see.

But we are heading down a very dangerous road lined with polarized opinions. Gridlock, or whatever you want to call it, is counter-productive and unfair to our nation. Heck, we can give our friends 1,000 days and they can’t seem to tangibly resolve issues like debt ceilings or budgets.

I, for one, am ready to say ‘enough already.’

So here is my simpleton solution: going forward our friends in the Beltway will have 100 days to address and resolve and address an issue. If they can’t figure it out, they lose the right to run for reelection. No skin off my nose – I simply want action and results.

And I dare anyone inside today’s Beltway to utter the “you just don’t understand – things are different now.” Let me introduce you about a group of people who came together under the threat of death or imprisonment to selflessly frame a new nation in 100 days – and they made it happen. 


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