Love God’s Secret Ingredient To Life

Life is what you make of it.

Recently I found myself at a wedding of a good friend – someone who’d lost her husband of decades only a few short years ago.

“I never thought love would find me again,” she said.

We tend to think of the term ‘life’ as a chronological measurement. In fact, ‘life’ is what we experience between the bookends of the time between our birth and our passing in life. Life without experiences, both good and bad, is nothing more than minutes aimlessly ticking from a clock.

Love is not a singular experience as those of us who marry and have children learn firsthand. Our love may be unquestionable and without end, but our love for another is as unique as in individual fingerprint. Love simply grows and forms based on our relationship and experiences with another.

As a parent I love both of our children without question or end. And like any parent, I’d give everything – including my life – for them. But each one lives in a different part of my heart – one carved from the unique experiences of our lives together.

My friend discovered an amazing love decades ago. And for her, she lived a beautiful life where she was adored and treated as anyone could wish. But like life can be, health interrupted her journey.

That is until recently.

I believe love is a never-ending emotion – one God wishes us to give without ever glancing up at the scoreboard to see if it is returned from a recipient.

One day, a few years after having lost her love of decades, God again revealed his plan to my friend of how we should always keep our eyes and heart open for the opportunity to love again. This is not a mathematical equation of nor is it a one-and-out arrangement. Love is grown from our inner emotions searching for someone to share our lives and experiences with.

I’m not sure I’d ever seen a couple more closely intertwined on so many emotional levels as was our friend and her first husband. From them our children learned the lesson of how family is not defined by DNA but rather is built on a framework of love and respect for others.

But today begins another chapter for our dear friend. Love’s path sent her across state to a new town, new address, and a new life. One day, while sitting in the pews of her church, God unveiled her next chapter. A kind man, one who’d shared a similar journey in life of losing his long-time spouse to health, sat beside our friend. And in a very short time, the two began a friendship that blossomed into what is now a new beginning for each – one filed with love, respect, and companionship. Between them is a new love – one I’m sure is different for each of them – but a beautiful love all the same.

God simply wants us to love each other – I really don’t think it is much more complicated than that. And to have a front-row seat to His plan, reminds me of how beautiful life can be if we remember to never stop learning to love.

– 30 –

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