Dear Santa…a letter from Carroll County, GA

Dear Santa:

I’m told Carroll County is in your travel plans for the latter part of December – specifically the night of December 24th if my sources are correct.

That said if I could I’d like to share a few thoughts with you as you prepare your annual swing through.

We’ve a very special community here – we are truly blessed with wonderful people. You’d be hard pressed to find a place where strangers come together so eagerly to help others. After getting the opportunity to work alongside a great many of these people (it would be impossible for me to get to everything as I don’t have access to that magic time-bending dust your elves prepare for you each year) I believe in my heart Carroll County is truly a special place.

And it does not end with people – we’ve so many businesses in town that put on countless community-oriented events to help those in need. Southwire, for example, is a truly wonderful company who tirelessly works to reach out through drives to gather toys for children, collect and distribute school supplies, and sending items across the country when natural disasters occur. They are a blessing to our community.

Tanner Healthy Systems is another – always looking for opportunities to contribute to our community not to mention the countless individuals they minster to those that cannot afford medical services. When there is a need, Tanner is there for us.

I’m not sure what form of government you have in the North Pole but we use a representative model – everyone here can vote for who we’d like to see managing our services while the rest of us are out busy with our day jobs and family commitments. And to be honest, we’ve a good group in place. From the County to the cities that dot our community, everyone seems to work in good faith towards the greater good. I don’t have to tell you, you probably won’t find too many of them on your ‘naughty list’. For that matter, even our sheriff is one really good guy.

But with all these good things going for us, we’ve still a few items I’d like to mention to you as you prepare for your whirlwind tour. We still have people searching for jobs in order to support their families. While community giving is wonderful, an opportunity to get up each morning and put in a days work to provide for your family is very special to each of us. It makes us feel whole. If you know of any opportunities for employers looking for a great place to bring their businesses, could you put them in touch with Brian Dill or Daniel Jackson over at the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce? Heck, we might even be able to help you with any over-capacity issues (just putting it out there).

Also, our community is filled with what we call ‘mom and pop’ businesses – much like yours is up at the North Pole. I am sure you know the challenges a small business faces at each turn. Well, we’ve some absolutely wonderful people here who pour their day and nights into building a successful business. All of us here value them greatly as they are just another part of those who step forward to the help others. Plus, their businesses help generate tax revenues which allow us to run such a special community. If you should find yourself needing any last-minute items, I would imagine you’d be hard-pressed to find people more willing to help you out.

So as you prepare your travel plans, just know we are thrilled for you to visit us. On balance we are really in good shape. We are blessed with people and businesses with giant hearts and a burning desire to help others – and we know that is special.

But as you stop by to visit the children this season, please remember to keep us in your thoughts. We are blessed but a few unexpected ‘gifts’ for those in need will always be appreciated.

Travel safely,


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