God’s Hand Touches Lives Everywhere

Sometimes God just reaches down and touches us.

I am sitting with a friend for lunch. The restaurant is busy – the type of busy where you only casually notice who else is in the building with you.

“Hello,” says a voice to my friend. “How are you?”

A young lady with brilliant eyes is standing next to our table – excited to see my friend.

“Oh,” he says, “I didn’t recognize you,” my friend says, genuinely apologizing.

“It’s okay,” she says, “you probably aren’t used to seeing me with hair.”

My friend, as he says, is a cancer doctor.

God has a plan for each of us – only He is pretty darn good at keeping the cards close to His chest and asking us to trust in Him.

My friend, I believe, is doing God’s good work here on earth.

I’m not talking about ‘good’ as in the sense of a good hamburger or a good day, but rather good with a capital “G” – as if God directly intervenes or selects you to be His direct liaison in life.

I reached out to shake the hand of the young lady standing next to us.

After sharing her name she says the most telling statement.

“I’m one of his patients – I mean former patients. I’m a survivor.”

My friend is a man of God. He is humble and kind. His demeanor is one I know God would look approvingly upon. My friend is the perfect man for the role on earth he’s been selected to perform.

Faith is an odd thing – much like our appreciation of fog. We know it is real, however, if we reach out to touch it – employing our human instincts to confirm it’s existence – we welcomed by our fingers slipping effortlessly through the air.

And to have faith that God is in our lives and helping direct us to his wishes is much like this – we know it and feel it, but we can’t confirm it in any tangible way until it is absent.

My friend is just such a man. His faith is strong. Each day God calls upon him to face challenges many of us can only imagine. And with each new patient, another part of his heart is occupied. But regardless of the day, my friend recognizes and thanks God for his blessings and His guidance in daily life.

Each of us is, as a believer, is lead by our faith in God’s choices for us. Our lives may be uneven or choppy, but we understand His hand and faith is behind us. His support is what I believe what helps those who are chosen to follow particularly challenging pathways in life, the confidence and courage to carry forward even during the most difficult times in life.

The woman smiles broadly. The words ‘survivor’ carry a very special meaning to her – a word now revealed to her as forever literally defined to her as to meaning  “life or death.”

My friend smiles and waves across to her friend, a young man in a hat.

I’ve seen my friend on good days. I’ve seen my friend on other days. His emotions and compassion are as real as my touching the keyboard my fingers dance across.

But the one thing I know for sure is that God hand-selected him to do His work here on earth.

– 30 –


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