Fourth of July More Than A Holiday

The Fourth of July is more than hot dogs, colorful banners and fireworks.

As a matter of fact, many historians point to this date as the event that changed the course of mankind — the moment when the “Free World” began. We all know the romantic story of how a group of ragtag colonials rose up against the powerful king and his large army to create an independent nation. But the truth is, there is much more. So much more.

Under the architectural vision of Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and a handful of others, they crafted and shaped a document that for the first time in history placed the rights of the individual above those who governed them. According to the writings signed by 56 brave individuals, mankind was “endowed to each individual by the Creator with unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Take a moment to reread those words before moving on. 

We need to remember that until this moment, rights and privileges were reserved for the rich, powerful and few. The concept of an individual’s rights being equal and superior to those governing was a radical — it was an earth-shattering challenge to those in power around the globe. And the idea that these rights are extended to us by our Creator — not the person who happens to be wearing a crown or holding a gun. This concept was as revolutionary intellectually as it was on the battlefield. Frankly, it still scares the daylights out of those in power around the world.

And it was just this empowering concept that changed the course of human events forever.

Furthermore, Jefferson and the Founding Fathers believed the power of government lay with the people — that the government served at the will of the farmer, the doctor, the shopkeeper. The government was simply to serve the needs of the people, not to dictate what the individual could do. 

Fast-forward 238 years, and we can see the world continues to rock from this radical concept. While citizens of the United States of America continue to enjoy the greatest range of freedoms on the planet, a vast majority of the human population still lives in a world diametrically opposed to ours — where the individual serves at the will of the government or powerful. Rights and freedoms are replaced by the daily need for finding food, water, and shelter — all under a heavy air of intimidation. 

So this Fourth of July we encourage you to reflect on what this date really means in the context of mankind. Because on this date, in 1776, the world changed forever. 

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