What Washington Does Not Get About Paris Snub

Damn the politics – Americans are upset with Washington’s snub of the historical march in support of freedom regardless of party affiliation. Simply put, most Americans wanted to be there in person to support of the world coming together for the freedoms we hold dearest to our hearts. Are we not the leader of the Free World? Or is that only when it is convenient?

In what could be considered one of the most tone-deaf moments in modern political history, the United States chose not send a top-tier representative to Paris this past weekend. As leaders from around the world came together, it became more about who wasn’t there than who attended. And didn’t we look good? Apparently everyone – on both sides of the aisle – was too busy.

Americans are becoming increasingly disgusted with national party politics – and this recent example is just another thorn in the side of the electorate. Why, the voters wonder, can’t grown adults put aside differences to make decisions together? Is sending a representative to a march to celebrate our birthright (freedom of speech) all that difficult? Most people couldn’t care less who attended so long as it represented the United States well.

But politics, unfortunately, does not work that way.

While everyone is quick to point to POTUS (president of the United States), the blame for this political punt is much wider. We’ve other high-ranking individuals (one who was actually in Paris at the time) who could’ve attended. Logistics about security are a real concern, but then again, so is our place at such an event. This is, after all, our mantle – the founding bedrock of our nation. We basically abdicated this position on January 11th.

I guess the only upside is Putin didn’t show up.


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