Supreme Court Nails Decisons

Congratulations to the Supreme Court for a good week.

After years of our nation being divided over both healthcare and the right for same sex couples to marry, the Supreme Court gave the green light – or removed obstacles – for each moving forward.

Agree with the outcomes or not, at least we’ve a ruling from the highest court in the land to allow us build legal opinions and public policy.

Personally, I believe they got them both right.

I’m not an attorney, but so I’ll pass on quoting legal opinions. But I am an average person who occasionally sits at the counter of a local donut shop or patiently sits in the waiting room while my car is in for service. And from my vantage point, the Supreme Court’s decision is pretty darn accurate to what I’m hearing from the average Joe or Josephine.

To a vast majority of us, we’ve already accepted the fact the Affordable Care Act is here to stay. There are some aspects about the program we like and others items we don’t. But we’ve moved on and expect those in charge to make the best of the situation by figuring out how to make it work. The argument of what most of us consider a pointed interpretation of legalese seems deliberatively obstructive. There are more fundamentally important issues to address with the act – cost containment, coverage limits, and how to administrate fairly and effectively across the populace. Now get to work and make the best of the situation.

As for same sex marriage, the court’s decision also falls within the realm what I hear from Joe and Josephine. Most of us consider ourselves kind hearted and respectful of others. Additionally, our elementary civics classes taught us to treat everyone the same – and did so without an asterisk. To most of us, we find the literary word play involved in the case quite annoying and needlessly divisive. To treat anyone any differently from another due to race, creed, color or sexual orientation is significantly out of step with both current opinions as well as the principles we strive to achieve as a society.

In the end, the Supreme Court performed a bold, courageous, a contemporary interpretation with both the healthcare and same sex marriage challenges. Joe and Josephine, from what I hear, are going to be pleased to have both issues decided.

– 30 –

One thought on “Supreme Court Nails Decisons

  1. The wait is over , what a great accomplishment for the gay community thank you Supreme Court
    And thank you for expressing your support

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