Snooze Button Is Not Your Friend

This time next week we will all be living in the future. The question is, will it be any different from today? And if we wish for life to be any different from today, do we have the courage and conviction to make it so?

With every New Year comes a washing of new opportunities for us to embrace. In some ways, it is as if the universe is giving each of us a fresh start – one free of regrets, insecurities, self-doubt. But the New Year, at least for as long as we keep the flame alive, is one of the most important moments in our lives. From this springboard, we can change our lives forever.

Change occurs with the first step. What many fail to realize, however, the second step is the most difficult. Making a commitment or resolution is easy. Making sure we follow through in the face of a hundred reasons not to do so is where the real change occurs.

Many of us one day realize we are staring at a future we don’t particularly like – one many times the result of us passively turning over the events in our lives to other people or perceived factors. Life is easier, we tell ourselves, without the immediate pain of the moment. Letting life roll along with us simply along for the ride of least resistance seems easy. What we one day realize, however, the long-term pain from not having the courage to wrestle away the rudder of life can be excruciatingly harmful.

And like many of us, I can look back in life and see clearly remember those moments in which I realized I was in trouble. What I didn’t realize is that by the time they crystallized in my vision, they’d been in play for an extended period of time – damaging my life and those around me. Those days – the moments of realization – will always be the darkest in my memory. There is nothing like facing compounded pain and realizing you could’ve prevented it all.

Many people will make a list for the New Year – items they’d like to accomplish. Some will list dropping a few pounds or making sure to spend more time with their family. But the reality is, most of these well-intentioned goals will dissolve before long – a victim of us allowing the pain of the moment to overpower the reward of the long term. Hitting the snooze button on life is one of the most daunting obstacles to changing our lives. By doing so, we passively let life move along without us.

This coming year, go find something in your life you’d like to change. Write it down and place it somewhere you cannot avoid seeing each day. Understand the forces of doubt are powerful and everywhere you look. Also, remember the pain of letting life passively move along with you or your dreams in the rearview mirror. Make next week different – make this the year when you take back your life.




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