Cancer Needs to Go Away

Cancer sucks.

For the second time in less than a year, cancer is reaching its ugly and life-changing tentacles into an employee here at The Daily News. And this makes me angry.

As the publisher for The Daily News, it is my job to successfully manage the business with respect to both the opportunities and risks in the marketplace. It is also my responsibility to make sure the people who I work alongside each day know they are valued and play an important role in our ability to successfully serve our community. The outcome of the role I play is directly dependent on those I work with each day. Simply put, without their efforts, our collective charge is impossible.

But along with this comes the benefit of becoming emotionally invested in those same people. An employee is not a number but rather a representation of a family and of a life filled with dreams for both the present and future. And, believe it or not, I am a human being – filled with emotional deposits from those around me. I care deeply about those I work alongside. And when cancer comes along and wreaks havoc with their lives, I hurt.

This week yet another employee went under the surgeon’s hand to hopefully extract an ugly intruder named cancer.

Earlier this year at Daily News we did all we could to support and pitch in as another one of us dealt with the long and difficult road of cancer. While surgery is undoubtedly painful, the long journey of treatment is incredibly difficult and all-consuming. The act of living is put on hold as one focuses on nothing but living, albeit one with a different definition.

When you care about someone going through this, tears and prayers are never too far from the surface. Collectively we shared a great many of them. At times there were so many collective prayers going on inside The Daily News you might’ve mistaken us for a house of worship. And we are not ashamed to admit we believe those prayers were heard. One month ago the all clear came for this individual.

Now, only a few weeks later, cancer is back to visit another one of us.

Cancer sucks. We should be angry. We should be emotional. We should hurt.

According to the National Cancer Institute, an estimated 1,685,210 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States and 595,690 people will die from the disease in 2016. And on average, nearly $5 billion is spent annually on cancer research in the United States. Those numbers are staggering – and we should be angry at the disease.

But anger is a short-lived emotion and rarely accompanied by productive thoughts or actions. The challenge is for us to channel our emotions towards curing this indiscriminate disease.

Yes, cancer sucks. Today the halls of The Daily News are again filled with tears and prayers. What we wish for is cancer to leave all of us alone once and for all.




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