Powder Kegs, Brexit, and Politics

Something is in the electorate’s water – and the status quo better watch out.

On Thursday “the shot heard around the world” moved across the Atlantic Ocean with this week’s historical vote of Britain to leave the European Union. Brexit will change the face of both the political and economic structure of the world.

To put this in perspective, imagine if Texas, the second largest economy in the United States, asked for the check? Can you imagine how disruptive this would be to financial institutions and markets (who prefer predictability) or something as simple as a trip to New Orleans?

That is exactly what the not-so European Union now faces.

In the face of a powerful effort by elected officials, celebrities, and media, the English electorate pushed back with votes saying, “Enough is enough”. Not even James Bond’s post (Daniel Craig) on Instagram, sporting and anti-Brexit shirt could turn the tide. In the end, the people were fed up with their current circumstances.

In interviews spilling from voters, themes of a unrepresentative and unelected governing body making decision on trade, immigration, economic policy are common. Frustrated with stagnant job growth, flat wages, and immigration policies making numbers of a populace uneasy, voters changed the course of modern history.

While some may look to brush the vote off like a crazy uncle’s random decision to paint his house lime green, something is stirring in the water on both sides of the Atlantic.

In this presidential election cycle we’ve seen the self-appointed royal families of American politics, take both fatal and near-fatal blows to their legacies.

The Bush family, already with two in the White House, found the coronation of Jeb Bush stopped dead in the water by a real estate / reality star. And on the other side of ticket, the Clinton coronation took on water – and possible irreparable brand damage – by a little know senator who didn’t even represent the Democratic Party.

If anyone believes what happened in Britain is a blip on the world stage, look out.

History is littered with the populace rising up against governance they no longer believe has public’s best interests at heart. And history also shows how people in power will do about anything to keep themselves in power – even if it means selling the populace down the river of self-interests.

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are agents of change. Both represent a powerful and emotionally charged segment of voters who refuse to toe the line of traditional party allegiances. In other words a powder keg, that if not respected, could blow the top of the status quo. Good or bad, the day is coming.

I know Republicans who refuse to vote for Donald Trump because he’s not ‘one of them’. I also know Bernie Sanders voters who consider Hilary Clinton the poster child as an example of another political family shoving a candidate down their throats.

And powder kegs, if not attended to, tend to change the course of history.





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