Success Results From Silent Partner

Hollywood might be the last place you would expect to hear someone thanking God for their success in life.

Earlier this week actor Chris Pratt, best known for the popular film “Guardians of the Galaxy”, found his name enshrined on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. His likeable and modest personality both on and off the screen make him one of the more bankable stars of his time. But it is his grounded personality to the contrasting world where he makes a living even more remarkable.

Standing on the famed street Pratt offered a few words – words offering a sincere glimpse into someone who understands they are simply a vessel for God’s work in life.

“I’m a man of faith and I believe that God works in mysterious ways and gives us signs and gifts in life — and those gifts oftentimes come in the form of people,” Pratt said. “So I’ll just spend the rest of my time expressing gratitude for the people in my life who are gifts.”

I would have found these words moving had they come from a person being awarded teacher of the month or a clerk at a local convenience store reflecting on why they carry a happy disposition in life. Understanding we are not alone in this journey of life is to recognize one of the most important threads in life.

Pratt, like most all of us, has faced a lifetime of challenges. His success is as much a surprise to him as those in Hollywood. But Pratt is also like those of us in understanding his success is a result of the people placed in his life and a silent hand leading him to certain doors in life – leaving to him the courage to step through or not.

God works that way. Get used to it.

I find myself attracted to people who understand they are simply passing through life – that is their journey is not a result of their so-called personal destiny. Rather success in life is a result of having the faith to recognize there is a larger force at play in each of our lives, one gently guiding us. Pratt knows it, others I deeply respect know it, and I personally know this to be true.

God is not in the business of helping you get a larger house, new car, or cash in the bank. No, God is in the long term, big picture business. He may give you the tools, but you’ve got to recognize what you can build with them.

Too often people desperately challenge God for a Hail Mary moment in exchange of for them to attest their faith He is exists. But in realty, if we will focus on recognizing the opportunities already around us, our lives – and others – will be dramatically different and fulfilling.

You may be smart, talented, and successful. But remember if success is measured in the currency of happiness, as Pratt pointed out, the result is a team effort.







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