Great, you’d like to read more? Couple easy ways to get your personal copy of the newest edition, Discovered In Plain View: Life Unmasked.

1.  Drop me an email…

Drop me an email at woolzone@icloud and together we’ll make arrangements to get a book in the mail for you. Also, I’d be happy to sign and personalize the book to you or a loved one if a gift.

Book is a 6 x 9 professionally produced trade paperback with 85 short stories over 175 pages.

Retail is $19.95 and after postage, shipping and taxes for the governor of TX, let’s call it an easy $25.

2.  Order online

You can purchase directly from Amazon.com – quick and easy.


3.  Visit your local bookstore…

Walk into your favorite local bookstore and share the following ISBN number and presto, a copy is on the way for you. Remember, always good to support your local bookstore!

ISBN 97817297847662     Retail price $19.95

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